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$25.00 USD

EYEWEAR PUBLISHING is honoured to announce that the Christopher Smart Prize is this year to be renamed after the sister of its new generous sponsor, who has sadly died.

HENCEFORTH the prize will be known as THE JOAN ALICE PRIZE.

The winner will receive $2000  and will be published by Eyewear in 2021-2022 (distributed in the UK and the USA).



• Submissions must be made via Eyewear Publishing LTD’s Submittable page. The fee to submit is $25.
• Manuscripts must be original work, between 48 and 120 pages in length, by a single author, in the English language, single-space, paginated, and with 12-14 font size. There are no restrictions on style or subject matter. The Eyewear staff encourage writers from diverse backgrounds to submit their work.
• Individual poems in the submission may have been previously published online, in periodicals, or in chapbooks, but the collection as a whole must not have been previously published (self-publishing constitutes prior publication).
• Submissions should be made without the inclusion of an acknowledgments page, as the judge will not consider this information.
This competition will be judged blind, so please do not include your name on the manuscript itself, which can be in a word document or PDF.
The winner will be announced only after they have had time to consider the standard contract offered, and signed it. If they decide to withdraw, the runner-up will be the winner, and so on.
The Prize is open to any person who wishes to enter a poetry manuscript written in the English language. Contact Eyewear if you have questions about eligibility or would like us to consider a circumstance not named above - at info@eyewearpublishing.com.
 Code of Ethics
• All entries will be screened by the Eyewear Publishing LTD editors.
•  Employees, family members, and current students of the final judge are not eligible to submit. Employees of Eyewear Publishing and their close family are not eligible to enter either.
• Authors who have had a full-length work of poetry published by Eyewear Publishing LTD or who are under contract with Eyewear are not eligible to submit to The Prize.
Eyewear reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time, and return the full amount paid to enter to all entrants.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.