Eyewear Publishing LTD is accepting poetry and prose through its 2018 submission channels. 

The Black Spring Crime-Writing Prize 2019

Black Spring Press (founded in 1985) is pleased to announce the inaugural Black Spring Crime-Writing Prize to be awarded to the best Crime Fiction novel submitted to us during the year 2019. The prize will guarantee publication of the winning novel within eighteen months of the competition’s closure.

In such a crowded market, we are looking for something fresh, something that makes us think differently and breaks away from the genre’s stereotypes. It’s difficult to quantify. It may be hard-boiled or comical, complicated or a simple whodunit. We will not discriminate against any form of crime novel or thriller. For the purposes of the competition, a novel must constitute a minimum of 50,000 words.

The winning novel will be published in paperback format with the Black Spring imprint, with an advance of $1,000 USD. It will be supported by all means at our disposal: our editors and proof-readers, our sales team and our distributors. 

It doesn’t matter how many rejections you’ve received from other publishers and agents, our judge will read it with fresh eyes.

ANY ONE 18 YEARS OR OLDER MAY ENTER - from any nation. The manuscript must be at least 50% unpublished and entirely the author's own.

The winner will be announced before the London Book Fair, 2020, where it will be pitched for foreign rights.


This year’s judge will be our very own M. John Penny. After a lifetime spent reading Crime Fiction, his affiliation to a publisher puts him in a special position to admire quality writing and plotting, as well as a sense of what is commercially valuable. Mr Penny will read over every entry.

His Statement

My youth was filled with Agatha Christie, Rex Stout, Carter Dickson and so many more authors from the Golden Age of Crime Fiction. Adulthood brought with it the ability to purchase treasured first editions of many brilliant works. My later years have found enjoyment in an eclectic range, from the Alaskan wilderness of Dana Stabenow to the Scandinavian grit of Jo Nesbo and Henning Mankell. 

Each novel submitted will be read and, wherever possible, feedback given to the author. The winner will be published, not by a vanity press, but by a press whose previous authors have included  Orson Welles, Anais Nin, Patrick Hamilton, Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave.

Note: This competition may be cancelled without prior notice if less than 50 entries are received; and all entry fees will be fully returned. All judging and other contest decisions are binding.



is a one-off major international award, to be judged by a large panel of many leading poets, critics and scholars. It will identify, celebrate and reward the poets and publishers of small, medium and large presses who have created the very best poetry collections in the English language in the past 18 years.


Shortlisted poets and their publisher will both receive £250 each, and an invitation to read at the gala awards ceremony in the UK, in London, in 2020.


The BEST BOOK OF THE 21ST CENTURY will be awarded £2,100, ADDITIONALLY.


ALL 21 winning books will be on display at the gala, and widely publicised at our award-winning blog, and via social media. Submissions close LAST DAY OF 2019.


The judges have been selected to represent all schools and styles of contemporary poetics, and hail from Australia, America, Canada, India, Ireland, and the UK. The full list of judges is listed below.


ALL SINGLE-AUTHOR POETRY COLLECTIONS, including pamphlets, PUBLISHED 2000-2019 are eligible; this includes all poetry collections, including self-published books (in which case the author would also win the publisher award). The publications must have appeared in physical form on paper, PRINTED in whatever format (i.e. from perfect bound, to loose sheets in a box).


Poets, their publishers, and members of the public who wish to submit (in other words, nominate) a book may do so. Publishers, poets, and the public are free to submit/nominate as many books as they wish. You may nominate your own work.


Once a book has been submitted, it will be publicly recorded (title, author and publisher listed) on a specially-designed website page  – duplications will be refunded. Each book will require one copy to be physically submitted within one month of submitting the name. All books are to be posted to the Eyewear postal address: Suite 333, 19-21 Crawford Street, London, UK, W1H 1PJ.


All shortlisted books will go to the judging panel. Judges will select what they consider the best book from the books they are given to judge. All other books will be donated to charity shops.


The sifting panel will consist of the Eyewear editorial board, in consultation with members of the final judges' panel.


The final judging panel and list of nominees can be found here: https://store.eyewearpublishing.com/pages/nominated-poets-for-the-21-best-printed-poetry-books-of-th...



* The panel of judges may change, without invalidating the competition, as the large pool of judges guarantees a degree of continuity.






• Submissions must be made via Eyewear Publishing Ltd’s Submittable page. The fee to submit each title is £20. This will help defray the cost of the prize.


• Books must be original work, by a single author, published in the English language in the years 2000 to 2019. There are no restrictions on style or subject matter. Eyewear staff encourage writers from diverse backgrounds, as well as indie and small press poets, to submit their work. SELECTEDS, COLLECTEDS and WORKS OF TRANSLATION will not be considered. POSTHUMOUS collections may be submitted.




All poets over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world are eligible.


Code of Ethics


• All entries will be screened by the Eyewear Publishing Ltd staff. 


• Given the large panel size, there are no limits on submissions relating to connections to a particular judge, since we will require each judge to recuse themselves from any decision involving a former or current student, friend, partner, family member, or close colleague.


• Authors’ works of poetry published by Eyewear Publishing Ltd are not eligible.


This prize is given in a spirit of open reflection and welcome, and acknowledges that prizes are by their very nature somewhat invidious - but the alternative - to not seek what appears most worth reading - in an age where the poetry book is always potentially at risk from competing forms of entertainment and media - seems more so.


Note: Eyewear Publishing Ltd reserves the right to cancel the prize due to unforeseen circumstances at any time, at which point, all monies and books submitted will be returned within 3 months.


Support indie press publishing by entering the exciting Ten Thousand Prize, which is designed to fundraise and benefit a poet equally. The first place prize is £10,000 for the best poem. The prize remains open until such time as 2,000 poems have been entered, so poets are encouraged to spread the word.

The fee to enter each poem is £10.

Poems can be previously published, but must be in English and original to the author. Only one poem per submission, of 100 lines or less. Single-spaced.

The final judge is Dr Todd Swift, currently Poet in residence at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

A shortlist of 10 poems will be announced as soon as the target is reached.

No family members, students or employees of, the judge, shall be permitted to enter.

Payment will be by PayPal.

The prize may be cancelled at any time; and entry fees returned.

The Sexton Prize is an annual publication award now with a $2,000 prize for an outstanding new collection of poetry by an American poet.

The winning manuscript will be published by Eyewear Publishing LTD in the United Kingdom, and distributed in both the United States and the United Kingdom and Ireland, simultaneously in 2020.

The Sexton Prize is open to poets at all career stages, from emerging to established; poets of every age and level of publication experience are encouraged to submit. Finalists will also be considered for publication

The final judge for the 2020 Sexton Prize is the prize-winning American poet Terese Svoboda. Terese Svoboda is a poet, fiction writer, and memoirist. Her poetry collections include When the Next Big War Blows Down the Valley: Selected and New Poems (Anhinga Press, 2015), All Aberration (University of Georgia Press, 2009), and Mere Mortals (University of Georgia Press, 2009). She is the recipient of the Cecil Hemley Award, the Emily Dickinson Prize, and the Iowa Poetry Prize, as well as fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the New York Foundation for the Arts. She lives in New York City.


• Submissions must be made via Eyewear Publishing LTD’s Submittable page. The fee to submit is $30.There will be an early-bird fee for submissions made before July 1, 2019, of $20.
• Manuscripts must be original work, between 48 and 120 pages in length, by a single author, in the English language, single-space and with 12 font size Arial or Times New Roman. There are no restrictions on style or subject matter. The Eyewear staff encourage writers from diverse backgrounds to submit their work.
• Individual poems in the submission may have been previously published online, in periodicals, or in chapbooks, but the collection as a whole must not have been previously published (self-publishing constitutes prior publication).
• Submissions should be made without the inclusion of an acknowledgments page, as the judge will not consider this information. No anonymous submissions can be made.

The Sexton Prize is open to poets who either reside in the United States of America, or who will be residing there for at least a year, as of January, 2020. The Prize is open to American citizens as well as residents holding legal permission, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival, Temporary Protected, and Legal Permanent (“green card”), among others. Contact Eyewear if you have questions about eligibility or would like us to consider a circumstance not named above - at info@eyewearpublishing.com.

Code of Ethics
• All entries will be screened by the Eyewear Publishing LTD staff; we will not use students or interns to screen submissions. A meaningful shortlist of at least ten poetry collections will be sent to the Final Judge. The longlist and shortlist may be made public.
• The Final Judge of The 2020 Sexton Prize is Terese Svoboda. Close friends, employees, family members, and current students of the final judge are not eligible to submit to The Sexton Prize.
• Authors who have had a full-length work of poetry published by Eyewear Publishing LTD are ineligible.
• The Sexton Prize takes its name from the church office of the sexton: a custodian of sacred objects and a ringer of bells that call communities to gather. It’s our mission in The Sexton Prize to be caretakers of literary talent in our time, and to sound the call for international literary communities to come together in the celebration of poetry. 

Eyewear reserves the right to terminate this competition at any time, for any reason, without fault; any submissions will be reimbursed upon cancellation. We cannot enter into correspondence unless and until your collection is selected. We reserve the right to extend the deadline if insufficient entries have been received.

Note, if selected to be the winner, the submitting contestant must accept the prize.

If you have an original manuscript in the English language that you would like Eyewear Publishing LTD to consider for publication, we invite you to submit the work to The Beverly Prize: an annual series for an outstanding work of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, memoir, or criticism.

FINAL JUDGE 2019 is Dr Todd Swift, formerly Writer in residence at Pembroke College, Cambridge (2017-2018).

The work of one or more authors will be selected from open readings in The Beverly Series each year. Eyewear Publishing LTD will announce its selection for The Beverly Series in early 2020.

THE PRIZE: £500 AND Publication in the UK with US distribution, in 2020. Winners agree to accept all the terms and conditions of the prize.

Writers of any nationality, citizenship, and country of residence are eligible to submit work to The Beverly Series.

• Submissions must be made via Eyewear Publishing LTD’s Submittable page. No email or postal submissions will be considered. Double submissions permiited, until the shortlisting stage.
• Manuscripts must be original work, by a single author, in the English language. There are no restrictions on style or subject matter. The Eyewear staff encourage writers from diverse backgrounds to submit their work.  
• Individual selections in the submission may have been previously published online, in periodicals, or in chapbooks, but the collection or book as a whole must not have been previously published (self publishing constitutes prior publication).
All entrants agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of this prize.

* Should fewer than 50 entrants enter before closure of the prize, it may be cancelled, and full refunds offered.

Code of Ethics
• All entries will be screened by the Eyewear Publishing LTD staff.
• The Beverly Series takes its name from our director’s beloved aunt who actively encouraged wide reading and critical thought.